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Maxwell Satellite.com Portable DirecTV Satellite Kits

by admin on July 23, 2010

RVers who cannot live without their satellite television service while on the road should contact Maxwell Satellite.com. This company manufactures portable DirecTV systems for RVs using high quality components. Hooking this system up to the RV will provide travelers with mobile television in all its high definition glory.

RVers should purchase the DirecTV receiver, antenna, and service directly from the service provider or an authorized reseller. Maxwell Satellite takes this service and allows individuals to find a high-definition signal through each of the five satellites within minutes. The company provides a mounting system that includes a stable base that is wind resistant up to 50 mph.

Their product, called the HD PortaKit, sells for $490 and makes DirecTV service portable and able to quickly and clearly access a satellite signal. Users who do not have high definition television should call DirecTV after they receive their PortaKit. The installer will then set up the service and mount the DirecTV antenna on the PortaKit. Installation from DirecTV is free, so RVers need not be concerned about additional fees.

Users who already have DirecTV service for the home but are seeking a portable unit simply need to order this HD PortaKit and a Slimline antenna. Maxwell Satellite provides some suggested places to purchase this antenna. RVers who have service and want to travel for extended periods just need to remove their Slimline antenna from the permanent mount and remount it onto the HD PortaKit. The products sold by the company fit both the AU9-S and AU9-SL3 DirecTV Slimline models.

Assembly and set up instructions for each product are provided by Maxwell Satellite, allowing DirecTV HD equipment to be retrofitted for portability. There are no tools required, only adjustable knobs, making set up and take down quick and easy. The product breaks down quickly for storage during travel and the components can easily be stashed anywhere.

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