Cingular mobile broadband an intro

Cingular mobile broadband is considered among the major mobile broadband service providers in the US today. The BroadbandConnect plan provided by Cingular is one of the highest selling plans in the market today because of its high speed and its competitive pricing.

Cingular mobile broadband plans

The BroadbandConnect plan of Cingular is based on HSDPA which provides better speed and provides better performance. In fact it is three to five times faster than EDGE technology. Cingular provides pretty good options to users along with many flexible plans so that the users can gauge out their requirements and accordingly choose a plan which is right for them.

Data cap

Like most other service providers in the market today, Cingular too has different data usage plans according to the needs of the users. There are data caps on the plans, up to 5 GB. Exceeding this limit would definitely lead to heavy charges and fees which can in fact, turn out to be quite a hefty sum.

Those who would be travelling a lot and would need to use the internet more often should instead just opt for an unlimited usage plan which is priced at $59.99 like most other service providers. The other plans are offered at $19.99 and above. Users can select the plan they prefer depending on their usage. Also, along with the unlimited data plan, there is an option to purchase a Novatel or a Sierra card at the price of $99.99.

Early termination of the contract would lead to a termination fee which would again depend on when the contract is being cancelled by the user.

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Quality of the connection

The BroadbandConnect plan provided by Cingular is known to have a decent speed and has good connections. It is possible to steadily access the internet with only very minor drops and disturbances in the connection even while travelling. The connection is generally quite solid though inside buildings it might sometimes be a problem which is also a common problem with other service providers.


The Wi-Fi connection is also quite smooth for Cingular users. There is a monthly fee for getting unlimited access to Wi-Fi but it is quite worth the cost since it is possible for the users to access internet from almost any hotspot no matter where they are.

The data plan offers access to their large network of hotspots. There are basically two good benefits for using this service. First of all, with the help of Wi-Fi there is a faster connection and speed level which is quite convenient.

Also, when the users connect the laptop through Wi-Fi it is not counted against the monthly data limit of 5 GB which is an added benefit. There is also the same benefit when connecting to Wi-Fi network while at home or at office.

These were some of the main features of Cingular mobile broadband. The service provider has the plans competitively priced and offers some good flexibility and features for their users.